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Embroidery Software Solutions since 1997
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Lettering Software
The lettering features you expect PLUS custom stitch fonts from your alphabet designs.

TrueType Font Add-On for BuzzWordTrueType Font Add-On for BuzzWord
Create embroidery lettering from the HUNDREDS of TrueType fonts already on your computer!

Modern Font Add-on Pack for BuzzWordModern Font Add-on Pack for BuzzWord
Add more Modern scalable font options to your BuzzWord software.

Buzz-2-Stitches Buzz-2-Stitches
Automatic Design Creation
Great for beginning hobbyists and experienced hobbyists, too! $299.95

BuzzXplore v2<br> AKA Buzz Tools Plus v5BuzzXplore v2
AKA Buzz Tools Plus v5

Complete Design Management
Organize * Convert * Color Control * Print Reports & Templates

BuzzXplore v2 UpgradesBuzzXplore v2 Upgrades
Upgrade from Buzz Tools Plus or BuzzXplore v1.

BuzzEdit v3 BuzzEdit v3
Power Over Your Embroidery Designs
Stitch Editor * Auto-hooping * Design Layout * Basic

BuzzEdit v3 UpgradesBuzzEdit v3 Upgrades
Important information on upgrading to BuzzEdit v3 from BuzzEdit v2

BuzzSize BuzzSize
Resizing Software
Enlarge * Reduce * Adjust Density * Recalculate $129.95

Pattern Maker / MEPattern Maker / ME
Create beautiful cross-stitch
For hand stitching or export to embroidery machine formats. $239.95

Write PES/HUS Embroidery Cards
The fastest and easiest method for transferring embroidery designs to your PES or HUS formatted embroidery machines.

BuzzCard Re-Writable Embroidery Card
High capacity re-writable embroidery card for PES and HUS machines.


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