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<font size=18>Buzz ToolsŪ Plus v5 is BuzzXplore!</font>

Every week, we get requests for a new version of Buzz Tools Plus. However, when we started to plan out the new features, we realized that everything we would want to add to Buzz Tools Plus is already available in BuzzXplore. Therefore, we have decided to forgo the next Buzz Tools Plus upgrade and merge the two product lines. BuzzXplore has already been chosen by the majority of our customers and offers a plethora of design management capabilities.

And in order to make BuzzXplore more affordable to our many budget conscious customers, we have also dropped the price of BuzzXplore from $169.95 to $149.95! And did we mention, you can get $15 off your upgrade until Nov 30, 2014. Just use coupon code "its-time" when ordering (MSRP $79.95)

More BuzzXplore information.