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BuzzXplore Embroidery Design Management
Organize * Convert * Color Control * Print Reports & Templates

For Windows XP,
Vista, 7, 8 & 10

Complete Embroidery Design Management Software * TRY IT FREE *

If Home Embroidery is your passion, BuzzXplore is the design management software for you. BuzzXplore is the easiest and most complete way to look after all the designs on your computer.

  • Provides all the essential tools for organizing and finding your designs.
  • Launch other embroidery software
  • Locate designs, convert, zip and unzip, print reports.
  • Organize with drag and drop, design categories, and rename.
  • Write to embroidery drives with easy to use wizard.
  • Works like Windows Explorer so it is intuitive to use.
  • Supports 29 Embroidery Formats, 8 graphics formats, txt and rtf.
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